Oak Ridge’s Traffic Enforcement Program FY2011 Second Quarter Information Released

The City of Oak Ridge releases the following statistics for the FY2011 second quarter enforcement period of October 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010 for its Traffic Enforcement Program (red light and speed camera violations).

Following are the highlights from this period:
  • 739 red light violations were issued
  • 9,242 speeding violations were issued
  • There was a 2% rejection rate for red light violations; 1% for speed violations
  • The highest number of speed incidents occurred in front of the Oak Ridge High
  • School, where the average infraction is 13 miles per hour above the speed limit
  • The violations resulted in fines paid to the City of $215,019, as compared to
  • $138,781 for the previous quarter
The total number of violations was up approximately 6% from the first quarter; however, the numbers show a 25% drop in the number of red light violations incurred as compared to the first quarter. A portion of the increase in speeding violations in the second quarter is due to the repair of school zone lighting at the intersection of Robertsville and Iroquois.

“The traffic enforcement program is promoting safety, but also keeping more officers focused on patrolling and other assignments instead of writing violations,” noted Oak Ridge Police Chief David Beams. “It’s good to see the number of red light violations are down, and I’m hoping to see a similar trend as drivers become more aware of the speed limits.”

For more information about the Traffic Enforcement Program contact Karen Jenkins at kjenkins@oakridgetn.gov or 425-3616.