Rabies Shot and Microchip Clinic Set for Saturday, February 26th

The City of Oak Ridge will host a Rabies Shot and Microchip Clinic on Saturday, February 26, 2011 for dogs and cats. The event will be held at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter, 395 Belgrade Road in Oak Ridge from noon to 5:00 p.m.

Rabies Shots are required yearly of all domestic animals in the State of Tennessee and the City of Oak Ridge. Microchip identification products assist in the quick and efficient return of pets to their owners.

“City staff members are trained to scan every animal that comes into the shelter as an attempt to locate a rightful owner,” said Oak Ridge Police Sergeant Shannah Newman. “The City of Oak Ridge also requires all animals that live within the city limits to be registered; this service will also be provided during the clinic.”

Other types of annual vaccinations will not be given during this event.

The following is a price list for services provided on this date only:

Rabies  $12.00
Microchip  $15.00
Rabies + Microchip $27.00
Microchip + City Registration for Altered Animal $18.00
Microchip + City Registration for Unaltered Animal $25.00
Microchip + Rabies + City Registration for Altered Animal $30.00
Microchip + Rabies + City Registration for Unaltered Animal

For more information or questions about the clinic contact the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter
at (865) 425-3423.