Secret City Half Marathon & 5K Race Events

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Oak Ridge Main Roads To Be Affected

Oak Ridge, TN (November 8, 2021) – The Secret City Half Marathon & 5K (SCHM) is gearing up for a morning of great racing and walking Saturday, November 20. 

Explore Oak Ridge
and the City of Oak Ridge would like to alert businesses, motorists, and residents that several main roads and intersections will be affected by the SCHM events in the morning hours. We anticipate a 750+ runners and walkers taking to the city streets and greenways of Oak Ridge participating in these family friendly races. See below for the race routes and also visit the SCHM website at for a map of both routes. 

Motorists should also be aware of the early morning course preparations.  While the races start at 9 a.m., there will be volunteers setting out cones along the course as early as 6 a.m. The Oak Ridge Police Department along with Anderson County deputies will be out in force directing and stopping traffic where and when needed. While no roads will be shut down due to the race traffic, motorists should expect some minor delays due to runners crossing streets on Melton Lake Dr. and Emory Valley Rd. Motorists are asked to take it slow in these areas and be mindful of the race participants.

The half marathon and 5K both start and finish at the Melton Lake Peninsula. The half marathon route (13.1 miles) is as follows:

  •         South from the peninsula onto Melton Lake Dr. turning right onto Union Valley Rd. then right onto Illinois Ave.
  •         Illinois Ave. merging right onto Lafayette Dr. then right onto Emory Valley Rd.
  •         Emory Valley Rd. turning right onto Briarcliff Ave. then left onto S. Columbia Ave.
  •         S. Columbia turning left back onto Emory Valley Rd. then right onto Briarcliff Ave.
  •         Briarcliff Ave. merging right onto Laboratory Rd. then merging right onto the Oak Ridge Turnpike.
  •         Oak Ridge Turnpike turning right onto Fairbanks Rd. then left onto Warehouse Rd.
  •         Warehouse Rd. turning right onto Melton Lake Dr. then left back into the Melton Lake peninsula.

The 5K route (3.1 miles) is as follows:

  •         North from the peninsula onto Melton Lake Dr. turning right onto Oak Ridge Turnpike.
  •         Immediate right into Elza Gate Park then back down Melton Lake Dr. Greenway. 

Online registration and race information for both races can be found by visiting  We invite you to come out and cheer on the runners and walkers along the race routes.  Show them some Oak Ridge hospitality!