Ordinances for Council's Consideration

Before an ordinance is adopted by City Council, it must be approved on two readings taking place at separate City Council meetings. Generally speaking, an ordinance becomes effective ten (10) days after adoption on second reading. 

Below is a list of ordinances currently under review by City Council. The first category - First Reading of Ordinances - is a list of ordinances that are either up for City Council's consideration at the next meeting or have been recently approved by City Council. The second category - Final Adoptions of Ordinances - is a list of ordinances that will be considered by City Council at an upcoming City Council meeting.  

Ordinances can be on a variety of issues such as amendments to the City Code or the Zoning Ordinance, rezonings of real property, or approval of the budget. Each item listed contains a link to the ordinance document as presented to City Council. 

The following Ordinances will be considered by City Council at a later date:


second reading of ordinanceS