Readers Guide

By Yvonne Olson

Children and Young People Fiction

April 2019


Girls With Sharp Sticks at the Library

Maid Marian has received the worst news of her life: her betrothed, Lord Robin of Locksley, is dead, and the next in line for Robin's estate wants more than just the land. Guy of Gisborne also wants to step in as Marian’s fiancé. But the town of Locksley needs a protector from the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Gisborne is the sheriff’s right hand. In Meagan Spooner’s Sherwood, Maid Marian dons Robin’s cloak and becomes a hero: Robin Hood. (YPF)

The Girls of Innovations Academy are learning to be the best society has to offer. They are beautiful, obedient, and are free from their own opinions and interests. In Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young, Mena begins to uncover dark secrets about the academy, and it becomes clear that if they are to survive, they must fight back. (YPF)

It’s been one year since the census landed Layla and her Muslim American family on the registry, and one month since they were forced into an internment camp after the president declared that “Muslims are a threat to America.” Samira Ahmed’s Internment is the story of Layla’s fight for freedom. With a boyfriend on the outside and friends on the inside, she leads a revolution that is built on hope. (YPF)

Lamar Giles is back with The Last Last-Day-of-Summer. Otto and Sheed are dreading the end of summer and have argued about how they should spend the last days leading up to the school year. That is, until a mysterious man shows up with a camera that can freeze time. Putting aside their differences, the two boys work together to save their town before time stops for good. (JF)

Sunny St. James just received a new heart, and she’s made a plan to start living a “new” life. First, she wants to do things she was never been able to do before. Second, she wants to find a new best friend. And third, she wants to kiss a boy for the first time. But, when Sunny meets Quinn, a girl with best-friend potential, she learns that she isn’t sure what she wants. In Ashley Herring Blake’s new book, The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James, you’ll find out just how much a new heart can handle. (JF)

Learn about the life of Helen Oxenbury, one of the finest illustrators of our time, in Helen Oxenbury: a Life in Illustration. Acclaimed author Leonard S. Marcus begins with Oxenbury’s early childhood and flows through the stages of her life swiftly and eloquently. Marcus praises a career that started in the 1960’s and is still going strong in a respectful and delightful way.  (JNF 741.62 Marcus)

Other recommended titles:

  • Bach to the Rescue by Tom Angleberger (JNF 786.400 Angleberger)
  • Beast Rider by Tony Johnston and Maria Elena Fontanot de Rhoads (JF)
  • Orange for the Sunsets by Tina Athaide (JF)
  • You’d be Mine by Erin Hahn (YPF)
  • We Rule the Night by Claire Eliza Bartlett (YPF)
  • The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman (YPF)


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