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books by oak ridge authors

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Addison, K.  (2014)  The Goblin Emperor.  Tor.     ORR F  
Alexander, L.  (2018)  Rodeo in reverse.  Hub City Press.     ORR 811.000

Ammons, D.  (1983)  Municipal productivity in high-quality service cities, University of Oklahoma.          ORR 352.140
Awiakta, M. (1978). Abiding Appalachia. St. Luke’s Press. ORR 811.000 
Awiakta, M. (1983). Rising fawn and the fire mystery: a child’s Christmas in Memphis, 1833. St. Luke’s 
  Press.  ORR F 
Bailey, G. (1991). Flowers by design. (Rev. Ed.) Norway Associated Arts. ORR 635.960 
Ballard, B. (1993). My Kwanzaa story. Ujamaa Enterprises. ORR JP 
Barrett, D. (2001). The committee of sleep : how artists, scientists, and athletes use dreams for      creative problem-solving-and how you can, too. CrownPublishers ORR 154.630  
Barrett, D. (1998). The pregnant man: cases from a hypnotherapist’s couch. Times Books. ORR    616.890  
Bass, J. (2009). Bones of betrayal. William Morrow. ORR.M 
Bass, J. (2006). Carved in bone. William Morrow. ORR M   
Battle, M. (1969). Every wall shall fall. Hewitt House. ORR 365.400  
Bell, D.  (2012).  Life of a Secret City kid: no longer a secret behind a fence.  Precision Printing and   Graphics. ORR 921.000
Belote, G. (1995). The freshman year: making the most of college. Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co. ORR     378.000   
Bennett, A. (2005). The Annie Chase Story. Behler Publications. ORR F   
Bibliography of the theological works of William Grosvenor Pollard. (1997). St. Stephen’s Episcopal      Church. Oak Ridge. ORR 215.000   
Bissell, A. (1967). A Brief Political History of Oak Ridge. East Tennessee Historical Society.    ORR 976.873 
Bouchard, V. (2010). Walk with the shadow. Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC.   ORR 921.000
Boylan, B.  (2011).  Him ‘n me: the life journey of a very ordinary man.  Xulon Press.  ORR 248.400  
Briceville: the town that coal built. White, G. and McGhee, M. (Compilers). (1991). Action Printing.     ORR 976.800   
Briceville…through the years. White, G. (Compiler). (1994). Action Printing. ORR 976.800 
Bursten, B. (2001). Psychiatry on trial: fact and fantasy in the courtroom. McFarland & Co. ORR   614.100  

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Cameron, D.  (2011).  The body in the perch pond.  A-Argus Better Book Publishers.     ORR M
Cameron, D.  (2013).  The body under the ice.  A-Argus Better Book Publishers.    ORR M
Cameron, D.  (2013).  Muddy waters.  A-Argus Better Book Publishers.    ORR YPF
Cameron, D.  (2012).  Payback is a bitch.  A-Argus Better Book Publishers.    ORR F
Cameron, D.  (2013).  Payback: time to die…again.  A-Argus Better Book Publishers.    ORR F
The Caney Creek Sampler: Roane State Community College’s magazine of the arts. Precision
     Printers. ORR  810.800
Carlson, E. (1970). A bio-bibliographical dictionary of twelve-tone and serial composers. Scarecrow
     Press. ORR 780.000
Carroll, R. (2008). Milk glass moon. PublishAmerica. ORR YPF   
Carroll, R. (1998). Slamjam. InCorpus Press. ORR 811.000  
Cates, M. R.  (2012).  The asteroid.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing     ORR SF
Chambles, A.  (2014)  Climbing the Colored Side.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing.     ORR F

Chapman, R.  (1991).  Learning to talk: poems.  Fireweed Press.     ORR 811.000
Chapman, R.  (1999).  The way in.  Tebot Bach.     ORR 811.000
Chicken soup for the beach lover’s soul: memories made beside a bonfire, on the boardwalk, and with
     family and friends.  (2007).  Health Communications, Inc. ORR 796.530
A chicken soup for the soul Christmas. (2007). Health Communications. ORR 394.266
Clark, J. (1995). Legacy of Leadership: the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce celebrates 75 years.
     United States Junior Chamber of Commerce. ORR 380.100 
Clark, R. (2012).  Native North American plants for bonsai.  American Bonsai Society.     ORR 635.977
Clark, T. (2008). The mistletoe mouse song. The Ultimate PrintSource. ORR ZB CLART MMS C00
Clough, Sr., Condon R.  (2014).  The Oliver Springs Hotel C. R. Clough, Sr.     ORR F
Connor, B. (1996). Rumor of bones. Cumberland House. ORR M 
Connor, B. (1997). Questionable Remains. Cumberland House. ORR M  
Connor, B. (1998). Dressed to die. Cumberland House. ORR M
Connor, B. (1999). Skeleton crew. Cumberland House. ORR M  
Connor, B. (2000). Airtight case. Cumberland House. ORR M 
Connor, B. (2003). One grave too many. New American Library. ORR M 
Connor, B. (2004). Dead guilty. Onyx/New American Library. ORR M 
Connor, B. (2005). Dead secret. Onyx. ORR M
Connor, B. (2007). Dead past. Onyx. ORR M
Connor, B. (2008). Dead hunt. Obsidian. ORR M
Connor, B. (2009). Dust to dust. Obsidian. ORR M
Connor, B.  (2010)  The Night Killer.  Obsidian.     ORR M
Cook, R.  (2015).  Ignored Heroes of World War II.     Tortured Sin Tax Publishing.     ORR 976.873
Cooking behind the fence. (1992). Cookbook Publishers, ORR 641.500  
Cooking on the hill: a collection of recipes. (2001). United Church Chapel on the Hill. ORR 641.500 
Copeland, B. (1996). Trail talk. Empire Publication. ORR 791.430  
Counts, C. (1973). An exhibition from Beaver Ridge to Rising Fawn. ORR 738.300  
Counts, C. (1973). Pottery workshop. Macmillan ORR 738.300  
Counts, C. (1977). Common clay: Indiana revisions. A.G. Halldin Publishing Co. ORR 738.300 
Cox, K. (1982). Buck: a novel of a Tennessee boy in Korea. Chogie Publishers. ORR F   
Crouse, R. (2010). There I was…: the wartime memoirs of a fledgling birdman. Trafford Publishing.
     ORR 940.544
Crowell-Davis. (2006). Veterinary Psychopharmacology. Blackwell Publishing. ORR 636.089

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Davidson, A. (2009). Shakespeare shorthand: the textual mystery of King Lear. University of
     Delaware Press. ORR 822.330
Davis, F. (1990?). Lost Valley: A childhood in Wheat. Privately published. ORR 929.200
Davis, R. (2008). Have I gone crazy? His Hands Inc. ORR 616.898
DeCamp, D. (1966, 1967). The unbelievable Mr. B: a new comedy. No publisher. ORR 812.000  
Delong, D. (1975). Menus from the kitchen of Dolly Delong. Adroit. ORR 642.000  
DeMarini, P.  (2011).  Five thimbles: a Tennessee childhood memoir.  Privately published.  ORR
Dew, R. (1995). Brad, we hardly knew you. Tennessee Valley Pub. ORR 921.000 Dew 
Dew, R. (1996). Rachel’s cry: a journey through grief. Tennessee Valley Pub ORR 811.000
Dew, R. (2005). Tunnel of Light. William & Warren. ORR F 

Dew, R.  (2011).  Medicine with a human touch.  FirstCare Press.     (ORR 610.696)
Dickson, H. (1955). Build thee more stately mansions. Vantage Press. ORR F
DiGregorio, J.  (2015).  Tidbits. Celtic Cat Publishing.   ORR 817.000
Douglas, M. (1981). The Cubans. Seaview Books. ORR F   
Driver, R. (2002). Leslie Rowles Driver: the fruitful prince. Script Press. ORR 921.000 Driver 
Duffield, A. (1981). A book of poetry. No publisher. ORR 811.000  
Election day sermons. Hall, D. (Editor). (1996). Kuyper Institute. ORR 252.000 
Elwood, J. (1982). Tennessee quilting. Adroit. ORR 746.460   
Faust, L.  (2012).  To the golden years, and beyond: what it’s been like: a memoir.  Privately          published.    ORR 921.000
Fetter-Vorm, J.  (2012).  Trinity: a graphic history of the first atomic bomb.  Hill and Wang/Farrar, Straus   and Giroux.     ORR 355.825
Fisher, N. (1988). Witnessing. No publisher. ORR 811.000
Flanagan, J.  (2008).  A dance with the spirit.     ORR 814.000   
Flitcroft, D. & Rogers, M. (1989). Real estate matters. No publisher. ORR 333.300   
Flitcroft, D. (1993).  Refinancing your home mortgage. No publisher. ORR 333.330   
Flitcroft, D. (1994). Real estate matters--revisited. No publisher. ORR 333.330  
Footfalls. England, M. (Editor). (1985). No publisher. ORR 818.000   

Freeman, L.  (2019).  This atom bomb in me.  Stanford University Press.     ORR 976.873

Fuis, F. (1977). Too wet to plow: Americana and homespun philosophy in beautiful prose, poetry, and art.  Exposition Press. ORR 818.000 

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Gardner, C. (2009). Start where you are: life lessons in getting from where you are to where you want
     to be. Amistad.   ORR 158.100
Garrett, G. (1994). Memoirs of George A. Garrett. No publisher. ORR 921.000 Garrett. 
Gibbs, J. (2007). Dear Casey. Tennessee Valley Publishing. ORR 155.937
Glasstone, S.  (1981).  Nuclear reactor engineering. Van Nostrand Reinhold. ORR 621.480
Goldman, E.
(1995). Believers: spiritual leaders of the world. Oxford University Press. ORR 920.000 

The good life almanac. Smalley, R. (Editor) (1975). Appalachian ConsortiumPress. ORR 976.805 
Gorman, C. (2002). World war II: a worm’s eye view. 1rst Books. ORR 940.548 
Gove, N. (1967). The little green child and other poems. Vantage Press. ORR JNF 811.000
Graham, A. (1961). Parts and proportions. Capitol City Press. ORR 811.000 
Grandmother Earth III, 1997: featuring award-winning poetry and prose. (1997). Grandmother
     Earth Creations. ORR 810.800
Green, C. (1992). Emmy. Margaret K. McElderry Books. ORR F 
Green, C. (2007). Slow Children Playing. Finishing Line Press. ORR 811.000
Green, C. J. (1989). The war at home. Margaret K. McElderry Books. ORR JF
Green, C. (2012).  We’re the Class of ’56: living and learning in early Oak Ridge.  A Plus Printing.  
     ORR 976.873
Green, D. (1997). My cup runneth over: setting goals for single parents and working couples. Triangle
     Pub. ORR 306.850 
Gude, W.  (1982)  Histological Atlas of the Laboratory Mouse.  Plenum.     ORR 599.353

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Hall, D. (1996). Savior or servant? Kuyper Institute. ORR 261.700 
Hall, D. (2011).  Oh wretched sinner: oh wretched child.  Xlibris Corp.     ORR 248.862
Hall, D. (2012).  Speckles witness to Mr. Skunk.     ORR JP
Harrel, C. (1971). How to build fiberglass canoes. No publisher. ORR 623.800
Hauser, J.  (2014).  A life of her own.  Beach Plum Press.     ORR F
Helmstetter, I. (1997). And the coyotes howled: family adventures in Pleasant Valley. BookPartners.          ORR 979.700  
Hendrix, S. (1979). See Jane. See Jane Run. See Jane run for local office; a primer for
     beginning candidates.  No publisher.  ORR  329.000   
Henry, E. (1971). Road-maps to 50 and beyond. No publisher. ORR 811.000
Henry, S.  (2013.  A Cold and Lonely Place.  Crown Publishers.     ORR F Henry
Higgins, I.  (1999).  Tater picking scientist: selected writings of Irwin R. Higgins.  Print Works. ORR        

Hill, Dorothy Combs (2005). An American vein: critical readings in Appalachian literature “Fair
     and Tender Ladies” Ohio University Press. ORR 810.900  
Hise, E. (1975). Seasonal fuel utilization efficiency of residential heating systems. Oak Ridge
     National Laboratory. ORR  621.000  
Hitchcock, H.  (2012).  Soul of a teacher : be the hero of our own story.  Sapyent Publications.    (ORR 

Holt, F. (1991). Achieve your goals. INFO Publishing. ORR 158.100 
Holz, G.  (2015).  Holz HollywoodDAAB Media GMBH.     ORR 778.920
Howard, T. (1998).
Sierra crossing: first roads to California. University of California Press. ORR
Hunt, W. (1985). The C toolbox. Addison Wesley. ORR 510.780 

Ice, G.  (2018).  Music world and the prophets of Nebry.  Privately published.     ORR SF Ice
International REAC/TS Conference.  (2002).  The medical basis for radiation-accident preparedness: the
clinical care of victims: proceedings of the Fourth International REAC/TS Conference on
the Medical Basis for Radiation-Accident Preparedness, held March 6-8, 2001, in Orlando,
Florida.  Parthenon Group.     ORR 616.989
International REAC/TS Conference.  (1988).  The medical basis for radiation accident preparedness
 II: clinical experience and follow-up since 1979: proceedings of the Second International
 REAC/TS Conference on the Medical Basis for Radiation Accident Preparedness, held October 20-
22, 1988.  Elsevier.     ORR 616.989
International REAC/TS Conference.  (1990).  The medical basis for radiation-accident
preparednesss III: the psychological perspective: proceedings of the third International REAC/TS
Conference on the Medical Basis for Radiation-Accident preparedness held from December 5-7, 1990.
 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Elsevier.     ORR 616.989
Jefferson, J.  (2018)  Wave of terror.  Thomas & Mercer.     ORR F
Jett, M.  (2011).  Knowing Daniel.  Ivy House Books.     ORR F
Jordan, S.  (2013)  How I grew up.  Virtualbookwork.com Publishing Inc.     ORR F
Kern Memorial United Methodist Church.  (n.d.)  Cooking at Kern.  Project Cuisine.  ORR  641.500
Kilov, H. (1994). Information modeling: an object-oriented approach. PTR Prentice Hall. ORR 658.400 
Kimmelman, M. (1997). Echoes from the Holocaust. University of Tennessee Press. ORR 940.530   
Kimmelman, M. (2005). Life beyond the Holocaust. University of Tennessee Press. ORR 940.530   Knoke, E. (2009). Homeless. Mind Wings Audio. ORR V KNOK HOM B 26 
Knox, H. (1967). A thousand suns: a musical story of Oak Ridge’s first 25 years. Privately
ORR  812.000 
Knoxville Writers’ Guild. (2006). Low explosions: writings on the body. Knoxville Writers’
ORR 810.800 
Knoxville Writers’ Guild. (2008). Outscape: writing on fences and frontiers. Knoxville Writers’
ORR 810.800 
Krogsrud, W. (1980). Not afraid to wade: a complete book of masters swimming. Strode. ORR 797.200  
Kunselman, M. (2009). Sketches & memoirs from World War II. Trafford Publishing. ORR 940.548
Kuperstock, K. (1985). Worried about crime? constructive approaches to violence. Herald Press.    ORR 364.400   

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, L.  (2015).  A place for lovers. CreateSpace.     ORR F
Lander, D. G.  (2014)  What’s in the rear view mirror?  World Castle Publishing.     ORR M
Langley, R. (2012).  Califormia: the way I see it.  CreateSpace.     ORR 979.400
Langley, R.  (2012).  Gunfighter: my time in hell.  CreateSpace.     ORR 616.852
Lankford, A. (2006). Haunted Hikes: spine-tingling tales and trails from North America’s national
      parks. Santa Monica Press. ORR  917.300
Lee, J. (2002). What your doctor may not tell you about breast cancer : how hormone balance can
     help save your life.   Warner Books. ORR 616.994  
Legacies. Leibovitz, M. and Solomon, L. (Editors). (1993). Harper Collins. ORR 810.800 
Lindemer, S.  (2015). Celebrate the mystery.  CreateSpace.     ORR 811.000
Lovely, Y. (1978). Practical secretary’s manual and guide. Parker Publishing. ORR 651.300 
Lyman, A. (1935). Capriccioso. No publisher. ORR 786.200 
Mansfield, M.  (2013).  John Hendrix: the prophet of Oak Ridge.  No publisher.     ORR 921.000
Martin, F.  (2015).  Resurgam!  CreateSpace.     ORR 811.000
Martin, J.  (1978).  Ecclesiastical crafts.  Van Nostrand Reinhold.     ORR 745.500
McBee, L. (1981). Mathematics: the proof primer or, I hear you, but what did you say? No
     publisher. ORR  511.300  
McBride, M. (2010). 55 years that changed history. A Secret City Store Book. ORR 355.825
McDuffie, H. (1995). Simplified pronunciation. No publisher.  ORR 428.000 
McIntyre, A. (1989). Bible 7, history 0. Winston-Derek Publishers, Inc. ORR 220.950 
McKinney, A. & Berteau, J.T. (1996). Estate planning in Tennessee. Pineapple Press. ORR 346.760 
McKinney, A. & Berteau, J. (2002). Estate planning in Tennessee. 2nd ed. Pro-Practice Press, Inc.
     ORR 346.760
Morgan, C.  (1997).  The Yanius Mystery.  Tennessee Valley Publishing.     ORR F
Murray, C. (2002). The Chinese Treasure. 1rst Books Library. ORR F
Mustang munchies/by Woodland Elementary P.T.O. (19??). Fundcraft Publishing.    ORR 641.500 

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National Council of Jewish Women. (1960). Oak Ridge cooks. No publisher. ORR 641.500 
National Council of Jewish Women. (1972). Oak Ridge cooks again. No publisher. ORR 641.500 
Niemeier, K.  (2016).  In the hands of strangers.  Xlibris.     ORR 940.531
Oak Ridge Woman’s Club. (1977).  ORWC cooks. No publisher. ORR 641.500
Oak Ridge Woman’s Club. (1990). Recipes/Oak Ridge Woman’s Club. Cookbook Publishers, Inc.
     ORR 641.500
Oakwood, J. (1980). And there shall be light. Vantage Press. ORR 215.000 
Oen, C.  (2013).  Songs that remember.  The One Company     ORR LPF
Oesch. T. (2010). Divine deliverance. Xulon Press. ORR F
Oesch, T.  (2013).  In search of Alania.  Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC.     ORR F
Oesch, T. (2010). The Poisoned Planet. Xulon Press. ORR F.
Peelle, E. (1964).  
An empirical test of the relationship between church attendance and attitudes
     toward Negroes.  University of Tennessee. ORR 305.896
The penny-pincher: a guide to bargains, outlets, and specialty shops. (1976). No publisher.
     ORR 658.870 
Pierce, J. (1989). Living with Parkinson’s disease. Spectrum Communications. ORR 616.833 
Pierce, J. (1993). Food for thought and other peccadilloes. No publisher. ORR 814.000  
Pierce, J. (1995). A patient’s perspective : more living with Parkinson’s disease. Second edition.
     Creative Solutions. ORR  616.833  
Pirkle, M. (1985). Limes. No publisher. ORR 811.000 
Pollard, W. (1970). Science and faith: twin mysteries. Thomas Nelson. ORR 215.000 
Pollard, W. (1982). The epics of Ahimaaz and after. No publisher. ORR 222.000 
Pollard, W. (1987). Transcendence and providence: reflections of a physicist and priest.
     Scottish Academic Press. ORR  215.000 
Pollard, W. (no date). The earliest Hebrew Bible and its subsequent elaboration: how the Bible was
     first written and by what steps it grew to its final form. No publisher. ORR 222.000  
Pounds, B.  (2015).  Wildly strolling along.  BLURB.     ORR 796.51
Prudden, J. (2006). Coaching Girls' Basketball Successfully. Human Kinetics. ORR 796.323
Pryor, F.  (2011).  Marine veteran Frank L. Pryor WWII remembrances. 2 volumes.  Privately
      published.   ORR 940.542
Pyatt, K.  (2012).  Rebekah on the Farm.  Xlibris Press.  ORR YPF
Raines, S.  (2018).  An uncommon journey.  Outskirts Press.  ORR 303.340

REAC/TS International Conference.  (1980).  The medical basis for radiation-accident 
    preparedness: proceedings for the REAC/TS International Conference: The Medical 
    Basis for Radiation Accident Preparedness, October 18-20, 1979, Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
    U.S.A.  Elsevier/North-Holland.     ORR 616.989
Redford, J. (1983). TIC cookbook. Broyles Printing. ORR 641.500
Raridon, M. (2009). A taste of wry. Heron Hill Press. ORR 811.000
Reeve, J. (1995). Order out of chaos: a spouse’s handbook for keeping personal and financial affairs i
     order.  Professional Press. ORR 332.024  
Reeve, J. (1999). Family economies. No publisher. ORR 322.024  
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Richardson, A. (1982). Tennessee quilting. Adroit. ORR 746.460  
Richmond, Jr., E.  (2007).  Edifying the body of Christ: unbinding the strong man.  Victory Publishing 
     Company.     ORR 230.000
Richmond, Jr., E.  (2007)  Ending terrorism in the United States.  Victory Publishing Company.   ORR 
Richmond, N.  (2013).  The new birth: going onto perfection.  Victory Publishing Company.   OR
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Roberts, S. (1989). Poetic memories of Oliver Springs High School 1927-32. Snyder Roberts. ORR
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    Carolina Press.     ORR 841.000
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    State University Press.     ORR 841.000
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    State University Press.     ORR 841.000
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    of David Lee Rubin.  Rodopi B. V.     ORR 841.000
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Salem, J. (1964). Katie’s Kozy Kitchen recipes. No publisher. ORR 641.500 
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