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To celebrate Oak Ridge Public Library and its history, the art exhibit at the Library is a collection of photographs showing its original location and the construction of today’s building.

First located in Ridge Hall near Jackson Square, the library grew from a small, crowded room to a two-story building. By the 1960s, space became very limited, and the building was a fire hazard!

Oak Ridgers began the NABOR (New and Better Oak Ridge) campaign to support the building of a new library and recreation center. Teenagers canvassed door to door to encourage citizens to support the campaign. Voters approved the bond for the new Civic Center in the 1966 election.

Construction was completed in the fall of 1970 and Oak Ridge Public Library opened its new doors in November 1970.

Please come and enjoy this collection at the Library during the month of March!


Would you like to share your collection or advertise your talent?
Not only will your collection be viewed and appreciated by library patrons, but information about the collection will also be shared on the library’s website and the Oak Ridger newspaper.

Please call the library at 425-3455 to reserve a month for your display.