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The Operations Division is responsible for the following:
  • General Maintenance 
  • City Street Maintenance 
  • Water Distribution System 
  • Wastewater System 
  • State Highway Maintenance
Employee crew assignments are flexible in order to allow for shifting of workers to various crews as necessary to satisfy large project demands or deadlines.

General Maintenance involves maintenance of the following functions: Storm drainage ditches, street cleaning, litter removal, mowing of street rights-of-ways and other areas, city-wide cleanup, cemetery maintenance, and miscellaneous building maintenance.

In addition to cleaning City streets, the City-owned Jackson Square and Grove Center parking lots are also maintained in order to present a neat and orderly appearance. A private contractor also performs litter removal for the months of November through March, with City crews providing assistance as required. Mowing includes 162 acres street rights-of-way and other small parcels. Cemetery Maintenance is provided to ten (10) small cemeteries located throughout the City.

Formerly cared for by the Atomic Energy Commission, the cemeteries were transferred to the City upon incorporation. Minor building maintenance is performed on the Marina and the old Fire Alarm Building, which houses the Anderson County Ambulance Service.

The Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 226 miles of streets and 100 miles of sidewalks. The Department is also responsible for mowing on street rights-of-way, maintaining flow of stormwater drainage ditches, providing an Annual Leaf Pick-Up Program and an Annual Spring Trash/Rubbish Pick-Up Program.

The system consists of approximately 219 miles of water main piping; 2,424 fire hydrants; 4,600 main valves; 9,050 service laterals; 12,040 water meters; fire elevated water storage tanks; two (2) in-ground storage tanks; 11 water pumping stations; and 76 main pressure reducing valve stations. City water customers use an average of 4.15 million gallons of water on a daily basis.

Work performed includes maintenance of reservoirs, storage tanks, distribution mains, service lines, pressure reducing valve stations and booster stations, valve maintenance and inspection, installation and removal of meters, and cleaning, repairing and testing meters.

The Wastewater System consists of one (1) main 30.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and one (1) 0.6 MGD treatment plant that serves the Clinch River Industrial Park, ETTP, Horizon Center and Rarity Ridge. Additionally, the system includes approximately 236-miles of collection system piping; 2,470 manholes; and 28 wastewater pumping stations. The treatment facilities are operated by the Water/Wastewater Treatment Division and the collection system and pumping stations are maintained by the Operations Division.

This involves maintenance of portions of State Highway 62 (Illinois Avenue) and Highway 170 (Edgemoor Road) located within the City limits of Oak Ridge, and Highway 95 (Oak Ridge Turnpike) from the 95/61 split to the end of Wisconsin Ave.