Solid Waste Information

Residential refuse collection is performed once a week at the backdoor and once a week at curbside for recyclable items. The City contracts with Waste Connections of Tennessee for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste. Collection services include an annual household trash and brush pick-up in the spring and a leaf pick-up in the fall.

What recyclable items will be picked up at curbside?
Paper                  Plastics
Office Paper
File Folders
  Codes 1 through 7 and must be stamped on item (The identification code can be found on the bottom of most plastic containers.)
Phone Books          Plastic bags
Junk Mail   Unacceptable Materials

  No Styrofoam
Cardboard   No Ceramics
Corrugated Cardboard       No Tempered or Window Glass
Boxboard   No Batteries

  No Light Bulbs
Glass    No Hardback Books
(effective January 1, 2017)
  No Credit Cards
No VCR Tapes
    No Compact Discs
 Metal Cans   No Bicycle Tires/Tubes
 Aluminum   No Glass

What items will be picked up at my back door?
All normal household refuse

NOTE: Hazardous Materials will not be accepted!

Saturdays will be used as a make-up collection day for weeks that have a holiday.  If a holiday falls on Monday, collection services will take place on Tuesday and so on with Friday routes being collected on Saturday.  If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the collection will be on a normal schedule. 
Example: If the holiday is on Monday, pick-up will run one day late all week. If the holiday is on Thursday, then only Thursday and Friday will be affected.

Observed holidays include:
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
For further information, please contact Waste Connections of Tennessee at (865) 482-3656.