City Court

Schedule Notice

The Oak Ridge Court Clerk's Office will be closed on Friday, February 23, 2024  from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. for an appearance in General Sessions Division I Court.  

The Court Clerk's Office will be closed for staff training on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

For your convenience, an after-hours payment box is available outside of the building. Please include your name and phone number when making a payment.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding while our staff is away gaining more information on how to best serve our community!

Court Clerk's Office

City Court has jurisdiction within Oak Ridge over cases involving violations of city ordinances. The courtroom is located in the Municipal Building and the City Court Clerk's Office is adjacent to the courtroom. The City Court Clerk's Office records and maintains permanent records of cases that come before City Court. The City Court Clerk's Office also receives monies for fines and costs. Payment may be made in person, by mail, or for your convenience, payment can be made in the after-hours drop box located at the top of the courthouse steps. Please include your name and phone number with the payment. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, personal checks, and money orders on current citations. Past-due payments must be made by cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Debit/credit card payments are not accepted at this time.  

At the Judge's discretion, a person may complete a traffic class to keep a moving traffic violation off their driving record with the State.  To be eligible, a person must not have already taken the traffic class out of this court in the last 5 years or hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Federal Law prohibits traffic class for CDL drivers.  The traffic class offered by City Court is located in Oak Ridge, on the first Saturday of the month. However, a list of certified classes is available for you to choose from if the Oak Ridge class does not meet your schedule.  Depending on the severity of the charge, the Judge will assign either a 4-hour or 8-hour class.  There is a fee for attending the class, payable directly to the instructor.  Court costs will also be assessed, payable to Oak Ridge City Court after completion of the traffic class.

Hon. Robert A. McNees, III
City Judge

Oak Ridge City Court Bond Schedule:

(Effective January 1, 2020)


  • 1-20 mph above speed limit: $120
  • 21-30 mph above speed limit: $130
  • 31 mph over and above the speed limit: $140
  • Speeds over 90 mph: $150
  • Speeds School Zone: $140
  • Traffic School is Available

Illegal Parking

  • Fire lane, against flow of traffic, etc.: $25
  • Handicapped space: $100

Miscellaneous (traffic)

  • TN Hands-Free: $60
  • Reckless driving: $150
  • Passing school bus: $150
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way: $120
  • Failure to use due care and caution: $120
  • Following too closely: $120
  • Ran red light/stop sign/fail signal: $120
  • Improper lane usage: $120
  • Other traffic violations not listed: $120

Miscellaneous (non-traffic)

  • Animal ordinance violations: $30
  • Possession of open alcohol: $75
  • Possession/discharge of fireworks: $75
  • Noise ordinance violations: $75


  • First offense: $25 fine
  • Second and subsequent offenses: $50 fine

Please Read the Following Options Carefully as They Apply to Your Individual Citation(s)

Some citations may be resolved prior to the court date by mailing/presenting documentation and payment in the Court Clerk's office. If you do not see your charge or you have questions, call the Court Clerk's office at (865) 425-3536. 

If you feel you did not commit the offense you were cited for and wish to plead Not Guilty/Contest the citation, you must contact the clerk's office at (865) 425-3536 to schedule a court date when the officer, staff attorney, and police administration are available.

  1. Bond Forfeiture - Call the Court Clerk's office or check the City's website for the Bond Schedule. You can submit your payment by mail or present your payment in the Court Clerk's office.
  2. Traffic Class - Call the Court Clerk’s Office for information and eligibility. 
    View Traffic Class Information
  3. Contesting a Citation - You must call the Court Clerk's office to schedule a hearing.
  4. Expired Registration
    1. If your vehicle registration has been expired less than 2 months, you may fax, mail, or present a copy of your current registration to the Clerk's office for dismissal at no costs.
    2. If your vehicle registration has been expired for more than 2 months, mail a copy of your current registration and a cashier's check for $100 to the Clerk's office. Your citation will be dismissed on costs and no court appearance is necessary.
  5. Equipment Violation - If the violation has been corrected, bring the vehicle to the Court parking lot and proceed to the Clerk's office. An officer will check the vehicle for compliance and your citation may be dismissed at no cost. This includes but is not limited to headlight, brake light, and window tint.
  6. Financial Responsibility (Insurance) -
    1. If you were insured at the time of the citation you may fax, mail, or present a printed copy of your insurance ID card to the Clerk's office. Citation may be dismissed at no cost.
    2. If you did not have insurance at the time of the citation, you must appear on your court date.

No Debit or Credit - cash, check, cashier's check or money order only