Electric Permits

The Equipment Maintenance and Fleet Management Division is responsible for the maintenance, service, and repair of all City automotive vehicles, heavy equipment, and stationary equipment. The Equipment Shop personnel are responsible for maintaining the City fleet, which is quite large. It consists of approximately 60 sedans, 70 light trucks, 65 heavy trucks including fire apparatus, ambulances, and electrical department line trucks, and over 300 various light and heavy equipment pieces. The mechanics also perform routine maintenance of the fueling station, emergency generators, and security gates at the Central Services Complex. Each Fleet Maintenance Technician has their own specialties but can perform work on all types of equipment ranging from lawnmowers and chain saws to heavy construction equipment.

The Equipment Shop has three sub-activities:

  • Repair Shop - Providing repair services for all equipment
  • Fueling Station - Dispensing fuel and oil
  • Preventative Maintenance - providing routine scheduled service, washing and other appearance tasks and safety checks

Management of the fleet includes overseeing the specifications for all new vehicles purchased and reviewing the usage, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs of each vehicle. Other tasks include procuring the rental of equipment to perform specialized tasks by the department and scheduling the department's use of City-owned specialty equipment.