Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of City streets, water and wastewater treatment plants, water distribution system, wastewater collection system, and City-owned buildings; for the construction of and improvements to these facilities; and for maintenance, service and repair of all City automotive vehicles, heavy equipment and stationary equipment. The Department also prepares and administers the Solid Waste Collection Contract and serves as the City staff representatives on the Traffic Safety Advisory Board.

The Department consists of 98 employees in five divisions:

  1. Administration
  2. Engineering
  3. Wastewater and Water Treatment
  4. Equipment and Fleet Maintenance
  5. Operations

The activities and functions performed by the Department are included in the General Fund, Waterworks Fund and State Street Aid Fund.

The Administration Staff goals are to ensure the provision of an acceptable level of physical services; to provide general supervision of Public Works programs; to ensure implementation of these programs through effective and efficient management; and to coordinate extraordinary maintenance improvements to the City's physical assets.

The Supervision/Administration Staff consists of the Director, the Utility Manager, two Operations and Division Managers, the City Engineer, one Administrative Specialists and two Administrative Associates. This staff supervises and oversees administration of all of the department's operations and activities.

  • Patrick Berge, Interim Director and Utility Manager
    Phone: 865-425-1870
  • Roger Flynn, City Engineer
    Phone: 865-425-1816
  • Rick Irwin, Operations and Maintenance Manager (Water and Sewer)
    Phone: 865-425-1814
  • Mike Miller, Streets and Fleet Maintenance Manager
    Phone: 865-425-1815
  • Miller Bailey, Environmental Compliance Manager
    Phone: 865-425-1610
  • Cindy Will, Administrative Associate IV
    Phone: 865-482-1642
  • Antonette Whitson, Administrative Associate IV
    Phone: 865-425-1875
  • McKenzie Hale, Administrative Associate II
    Phone: 865-425-1875
  • Bailey Arndt, Administrative Associate II
    Phone: 865-425-1875