Adopt A Pet - Oak Ridge Animal Shelter

The Oak Ridge Animal Shelter has lovable mutts and purebreds, fluffy cats, shaggy dogs, playful puppies, and cuddly kittens of all shapes and sizes. 

Visit the shelter today to find a wonderful companion who matches your lifestyle, family, and home.


 If you need to report animal cruelty, abuse, neglect, an aggressive animal at large or any other animal-related issue within the City of Oak Ridge, Animal Control may be reached during normal business hours 865-425-3423. If you have a problem after-hours, you can call the Oak Ridge Police Department's non-emergency number 865-425-4399. For wildlife and bird issues contact Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency at 800-332-0900. Serious or emergent animal issues after hours should be made directly to the police dispatch. 

Calls commonly received by Animal Control:

  • Cruelty and/or neglect complaints
  • Citizen pet complaints (Dog not on leash, excessive barking, etc.)
  • Animals running at-large
  • Suspicion of an animal with rabies or distemper
  • Pick up and dispose of animal carcasses (for deer pick up, call public works)
  • Bite reports
  • State of Tennessee code annotated violations
  • City ordinance violations

Zoning Ordinance

The City of Oak Ridge's Zoning Ordinance specifies details that may be of importance to pet owners such as fences, electric fences, noise, etc. 

City Code

The City Code details Animal Control including allowed pets, registration laws, animal cruelty laws, general provisions, rabies, and vicious dogs.