Personnel Department

The Personnel Department coordinates personnel management for all City departments. Services include:

  • Recruitment, selection, and retention of competent employees
  • Maintenance of the classification plan
  • Coordination of the merit system, employee performance evaluation, and compensation plan
  • Coordination of training and development
  • Management of employee benefits
  • Staff and clerical support for the Personnel Advisory Board

The Personnel Department is also responsible for administering the City's Risk Management Program, Employee Safety Program and all insurance coverage. This department is responsible for managing the risks of the City in order to minimize the loss of physical, financial and human resources; including management of exposure and accidents, acts of nature, liability, theft and vandalism, and safety and employee health.

Citizens and property owners sometimes have questions about how various city regulations may affect them. Local laws, known as ordinances, are adopted by City Council and made part of the City Code (Code of Ordinances). If you have questions involving matters such as traffic and parking regulations, or the keeping of animals, the answer is most likely in the City Code. Please note that professional rules of ethics prevent the Legal Department staff from giving legal advice to the general public.

Risk management is the identification, analysis, and evaluation of potential losses in order to develop methods to reduce or eliminate them. Risks are identified and then steps are taken to avoid them. This may be as simple as continuing to operate as usual or as complicated as restructuring an entire department.

The City's Risk Management program oversees and coordinates the identification and minimization of the risks of loss or damage to the City's resources, including human, property, and financial.

It is the policy of the City that all employees take active responsibility for minimizing the harm to persons or the loss to property that might result from accidents. In the event private property is damaged or a person is harmed in connection with City operations, a Liability Claim Form must be submitted to the Risk Management office. Completion of this form is the initial step in the determination of liability with the final decision resting with the City and its' insurance carrier, the Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool.

Each claim is acknowledged and then assigned to an adjuster for investigation. Interviews with claimants, witnesses, and employees are performed to verify the details of the event. When necessary, police reports, fire reports, and medical records, in the case of injury, are obtained to complete the case file. Timely, accurate reporting of every incident is critical. All claims are subject to a one-year statute of limitation from the date of the alleged occurrence. Download and print a claim form (PDF) or contact the Personnel/Risk Management Department at 865-435-3564.