Food Truck Application

Regulation of food trucks (mobile food units and mobile food vendors) is necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, as well as to promote the public interest by regulating the areas and methods of operation.

To meet these ends, the City has determined all persons or entities that desire to vend from Food Trucks within the city limits must be issued a permit and must comply with all state and local business tax regulations.

Recent legislation will exempt anyone with a state-issued permit from having to obtain a local food truck permit. All others will be required to obtain the Oak Ridge food truck permit prior to operation.

As part of the permitting process, vendors will need to show compliance with health inspections and obtain a business license, as well as continue the current process of passing an inspection by the fire prevention office pursuant to the International Fire Code, 2018 edition, (IFC) which was adopted by the City through Ordinance No. 9-2019.

Permitting Process

For all Food Trucks that are not under a valid state-issued mobile food unit permit, the Food Truck Operator must first obtain a Food Truck Permit from the City before operating within the city limits of Oak Ridge. The Food Truck Permit shall be prominently displayed at all times on the applicable Food Truck while the Food Truck is in operation for mobile vending.

A Food Truck Operator shall complete the application for a Food Truck Permit on a form provided by the City and shall pay a non-refundable application fee of $50.

The application will require, in part, that the Food Truck Operator obtain a business license in accordance with state and local requirements and pass a fire inspection.

A Food Truck Permit is valid only for the Food Truck inspected for the permit and is not transferable to any other Food Truck even if it is operated by the same Food Truck Operator.

Please contact the Oak Ridge Clerk's Office at (865) 425-3411 for collection of the application and fee. 

Table last updated (2/2/2024)

Food Truck Name Permit Status Fire Inspection Approval Date Permit Number
Shirley Boys Country Cooking ACTIVE 10/2/2023 23-01
Mountain Mugs Craft & Coffee ACTIVE 9/29/2023 23-02
Rhyno's Roadside ACTIVE 10/5/2023 23-01
She Shack ACTIVE 10/11/2023 23-04
Deep South Fish Shack ACTIVE 11/2/2023 23-05
Gohan Japanese Grill ACTIVE 11/2/2023 23-06
A & Texas BBQ ACTIVE 11/2/2023 23-07
Daddy D's ACTIVE 11/20/2023 23-08 (PI)
Bunny's BBQ ACTIVE 11/10/2023 23-09
Slice Slice O Baby ACTIVE 11/8/2023 23-10
The Coffee Lab ACTIVE 11/9/2023 23-11
The Sub Shack ACTIVE 11/16/2023 23-12 
The Soup Kitchen ACTIVE 11/29/2023 23-13
Wood Oven Eats Catering ACTIVE 11/29/2023 23-14
Gypsy Kitchen ACTIVE 12/7/2023 23-15
Milans Taste of Africa ** ** **
Lobster Dogs ACTIVE 12/19/2023 23-17
April's Grill ACTIVE 12/31/2023 23-18
Groovy Grub Foods LLC ACTIVE 1/31/2024 24-01
Southern Sips ACTIVE 1/31/2024 24-02
Crazy for Cobbler ** ** **
Waffley Good ** ** **