What's the timeline? When will the airport officially open?

Several parcels of land from CROET, DOE, and the private sector have been transferred to the City. The remaining federally owned land awaits transfer. 

The draft Environmental Assessment document with public comments and consultant responses has been submitted to the FAA and TDOT Aeronautics. We are awaiting a record of decision from the FAA and anticipate issuance of a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). Finalization of the preliminary engineering report is awaiting final record of decision on the Environmental Assessment. Final Design will initiate after the aforementioned reports are finalized. 

The goal is to have planes in the air in 2026.

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1. Where will the airport be located?
2. What's the timeline? When will the airport officially open?
3. How is the City paying for the airport?
4. Is the State government supportive of the airport?
5. What will the airport be used for?
6. Who is working on the project?
7. Is Oak Ridge really the largest community in the state without a general aviation airport?
8. How loud will the airport be? Will I hear noise from my house?