Oak Ridge Fire Chief Darryl Kerley announced today the Oak Ridge Fire Prevention Office (ORFPO) has received notification from the State Fire Marshal’s office that Oak Ridge was selected as the Tennessee Fire Educators of the Year for 2013. The department was nominated by Chief Kerley in recognition of the outstanding efforts put forth by the Fire Prevention staff this year.   

According to Assistant Commissioner Gary West, “the nomination was selected above all others from across the state, recognizing the tremendous education and outreach efforts accomplished by the Oak Ridge Fire Department”. 

The prevention office is managed by Assistant Fire Chief Josh Waldo and consists of several areas of service.  Building construction plans review and commercial inspections are performed by state licensed inspectors from the ORFPO.  School public education programs are developed by several talented employees such as; Captain Jason Benjamin staff videographer and producer, school program presenter Shane Bass, dancer Austin Keathley who plays the role of Sparky the Fire Dog, audio/video technical coordinator Scott Prosise and several other supporting staff members working in conjunction with the on-duty firefighters who provide over 3000 school children with annual public education programs in October of each year.  

In addition to inspections and public education, the office provides home escape planning along with the installation and maintenance of home smoke alarms through a program supervised by Captain Carver Lovely. All of these individuals working along with the fire suppression staff provide exceptional public safety efforts in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal’s efforts to reduce fire deaths in Tennessee. The prevention office staff has been invited to attend the awards banquet scheduled for Saturday January 25, 2014 at the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Academy in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. 

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Pictured below:
Mark White and Greg Logan working with students on exit drills in the home.