City Blueprint is now an approved plan of the City of Oak Ridge! 

On May 13, 2019, the Oak Ridge City Council unanimously passed a Resolution approving the City Blueprint as a “living” plan to guide City Council and the Oak Ridge Municipal Planning Commission in their efforts to encourage and maintain quality community growth and development in Oak Ridge.

City Blueprint presents a citizen-supported, visionary plan for future growth and development in Oak Ridge. Based upon community values and ideas as well as current challenges, Blueprint is intended to evolve over time to respond to changing issues and community input while providing ongoing guidance for plans and actions throughout the city. 

City Blueprint identifies these valued attributes of Oak Ridge:

  • Natural beauty and resources – The protection, enhancement or expansion of greenbelts and open space, trails, waterways, and scenic vistas that are part of the everyday experience of living in Oak Ridge are important to the community.
  • Science and innovation – Oak Ridge grew from a fascinating history with worldwide influence that is still the underpinning of the economy and the community’s very identity.
  • Oak Ridge schools represent consistent success in the community, with a standard for excellence set by the original citizens of the Secret City. There is continued widespread support for local Pre-K through 12th grade education in Oak Ridge.
  • Most remarkable are the people that call Oak Ridge home, for their exceptional community spirit, broad-mindedness, and sense of responsibility. The diversity of people that has been present since the Manhattan Project has shaped a culture of tolerance and altruism. One does not have to be born here to be an Oak Ridger, a concept that redefines “community.”

BLUEPRINT TIMELINE: Click the image below to view a full-size version

The local planning commission can make advisory reports, studies, and recommendations that relate to the approved plan, including progress reports, and advise whether a public or private project or activity is in agreement with the plan (Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 13-4-103).


A new City Blueprint webpage is being developed that will provide a collection of useful information and updates on future projects. Alternatively, visit the Community Development office at the Municipal Building, 200 South Tulane Avenue, to view additional maps and information. 

Call (865) 425-3531 to contact the Community Development office for assistance or to request Planning Staff to give a brief presentation to your community group or organization.